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Welcome to Grizzly Wizard Games, your ultimate source of cutting-edge gaming solutions. As a dynamic and ambitious game development studio, we are passionate about creating immersive, interactive, and engaging experiences that captivate players worldwide.

Grizzly Wizard Games also specializes in the development of pixel art strategy games, where vintage aesthetics meet innovative gameplay, promising a captivating gaming experience that combines nostalgia with strategic challenges.

At Grizzly Wizard Games, we are delighted to bring you pixel art poker games designed for pure entertainment. Blending the old-school charm of pixel art with the thrilling dynamics of poker, these games offer a uniquely enjoyable experience. Play for the fun, embrace the nostalgia, and immerse yourself in the pixelated world of poker like never before.

You can find our top-notch products in various gaming platforms around the world, gaining increasing recognition for our attention to detail, commitment to user experience, and innovative game mechanics. Our creations are featured prominently on UK poker sites, offering entertaining and inventive games that cater to those seeking a fun-filled escape or a hint of nostalgia.

Grizzly Wizard Games is not just a game development studio. We are a team of dreamers, innovators, and game enthusiasts, committed to pushing the boundaries of gaming. With every project, we strive to deliver unique and memorable experiences to our players, leaving them longing for one more game.

Join us on our quest to redefine the gaming landscape, one game at a time. With Grizzly Wizard Games, the only limit is your imagination. Dive into our world and discover the magic of gaming crafted with passion and precision.


fight steve the milkman and others!


explore 100+ rooms


fast travel by giant ghost cat!


fighting the zombie boss

Space Lich Omega


fighting in the desert


chatting with the arena owner